ALL Knitwear sweaters are currently available in women's sizes only. All top styles have a relaxed fit with room underneath for layering. Sleeve styles and body lengths are noted with most styles. Use the basic chart below for guidance in choosing your size, and please feel to ask any questions and I will assist you personally.

Bust: 32-33", Waist: 24-25", Hips: 35-37"

Bust: 34-35", Waist: 26-27", Hips: 37-39"

Bust: 36-37", Waist: 28-29", Hips: 39-41"

Bust: 38-39", Waist: 30-31", Hips: 41-43"


ALL Knitwear sweaters are designed and constructed by Annie Larson with a Brother KH-965i standard gauge knitting machine and ribber. Each sweater is fully fashioned (knit to shape) and hand-linked together, never cut from yardage or sewn together with a sewing machine. Full fashioning and hand-linking are industry standard marks of quality. All garments are blocked and steamed for a fine finish.

Patterns are knit using Fairisle, a technique that uses only one knitting bed exchanging colors between two separate yarn feeders in the carriage. This method causes the back of the garment to have floats, sections where an unused color forms a loop. Floats are minimized in all sweater designs and horizontal stripes are knit in plain jersey.

Garments will usually be made in one day, knit in the morning and linked in the evening. Imagine me hanging out with your sweater as it is being made, listening to music together and enjoying afternoon coffee.


Give your sweater a longer life by taking good care! ALL Knitwear sweaters are carefully constructed, handmade garments that require extra care to keep things looking fresh. Use this information as a supplemental guide to the standard care label with each garment.

All sweaters presently on this site are knit with 100% Ringspun Cotton or 100% Bamboo Viscose yarns, both fibers that come from plants. Care information on this page should only be used in conjunction with these yarns. Cotton sweaters may be washed by hand or by machine. For bamboo sweaters, please follow the hand washing instructions only.

Cold water helps to maintain colorfastness in the yarn and prevent unwanted shrinking and agitation.

Garments may be washed by hand or machine. If washed by hand, use a small amount of mild detergent (I like baby shampoo) in a sink or basin full of cold water. Allow the sweater to be completely immersed in the soapy water, gently moving it around for 20-30 minutes. Never wring or twist the garment, as repeated friction will compromise the yarn strength.

If washed by machine, turn the sweater inside out and wash on a gentle cycle with cold water, with like colors.

If washed by hand, remove as much excess water as possible from the garment by shaking or patting. Lay the sweater on an absorbent bath towel and roll it up, apply pressure to the towel roll to remove moisture. Repeat this step as necessary to remove as much water as you can before laying flat to dry, turning as needed.

If washed by machine, remove garment from washer and turn right side out. Lay flat to dry, turning as needed. You may put your sweater in the dryer on low heat for 10-15 minutes to soften the stitches when it is almost dry. Never hang your sweater to dry.

To help retain the natural shape of your sweater, be sure to take care with the way you position the garment to dry. You will want your garment to dry in its original shape, so adjust seams and smooth out edges accordingly.

Wash your sweater as often as you need to, but remember that like all garments, the more you wash it the faster it will wear.

Most sweaters are not meant to be hung, as the stitches grow supporting the weight of the garment. Fold neatly for storage!